International Journal of Agriculture, Environment & Biotechnology
Citation: IJAEB: 7(4): 805-810 December 2014
DOI Number: 10.5958/2230-732X.2014.01390.4
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Screening of Weed Competitive Cultivars of Summer Green-
gram in Lateritic Soil of West Bengal
B. Duary 1 , M. Das 1 , K. Charan Teja 1 and M. K. Bhowmick 2
1 Institute of Agriculture, Visva-Bharati, Sriniketan, Birbhum, West Bengal, India
2 Rice Research Station (Govt. of W.B.), Chinsurah (R.S.), Hooghly, West Bengal, India
Corresponding author:
Paper No. 271
Received: 17 October, 2014
Accepted: 16 November, 2014
Published: 18 December, 2014
A field experiment was conducted in two consecutive summer seasons of 2008 and 2009 at the Institute
of Agriculture, Visva-Bharati, Sriniketan, West Bengal to screen out the weed competitive Green-
gram cultivars. Experimental plots were infested with grassy, broadleaved and sedge weeds. Digitaria
sanguinalis among grasses, Croton bonplandianum among broad leaved and Cyperus rotundus among
sedges were most predominant throughout crop season. Losses in seed yield of green-gram due to weed
infestation ranged from 7 to 37%. Among the cultivars, the plots of ‘WBM 34-1-1’, ‘WBM 04-5’ and ‘PDM
54’ registered lower number as well as dry weight of grasses, broadleaved, sedges and total weeds at
45 days after sowing (DAS) under both weedy and one hand weeding situations. These cultivars also
recorded higher values of yield attributes and seed yields. Yield components viz. number of pods/plant,
seeds/pod, test weight as well as seed yield were significantly reduced in weedy situation, compared
with one hand weeding at 30 DAS in all the cultivars excepting ‘PDM 54’ and ‘WBM 04-5’, where
no significant reduction due to weed competition was recorded, indicating higher weed competitive
abilities of both the cultivars. The cultivars ‘WBM 34-1-1’, ‘WBM 04-5’ and ‘PDM 54’ appeared to be
promising towards suppressing weeds and producing higher seed yields in lateritic soil of West Bengal.
  • Competitive crop cultivars are an important cost-effective tool for the management of weeds causing
  • yield reduction to the extent of 7-37% in summer greengram.
  • ‘PDM 54’, ‘WBM 04-5’ and ‘WBM 34-1-1’ were identified as promising weed competitive greengram
  • cultivars.
    Keywords: Greengram, weed competitive cultivars, summer season, yield reduction
    In India, the food grain production has increased
    Pulses have a unique property of maintaining and
    from 82 million tonnes (mt) in 1961-62 to 257 mt in
    restoring soil fertility through biological nitrogen
    2011-12 (Ayyappan, 2012). The country holds the
    fixation as well as improving physical properties of
    pride of being world’s largest producer of pulses,
    soil by virtue of their deep root system (Neelam et
    contributing 17-18 mt to the global pulse basket.
    al . 2014). Among them, green-gram [ Vigna radiata (L.)
    There was a record production of 18.09 mt in an
    Wilczek] is an important short duration grain legume
    area of 26.28 million hectares (m ha) during 2010-
    having wide adaptability and low input requirement.
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    Even the crop is well suited to a large number of
    consumption level. As a result of which the country
    cropping systems and constitutes an important
    is forced to import pulses to the tune of 2.0-2.5 mt.
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