International Journal of Agriculture, Environment and Biotechnology
Citation: IJAEB: 8(1): 11-19 March 2015
DOI Number: 10.5958/2230-732X.2015.00002.9
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Optimal design of flow rate in drip irrigation system to
enhance the tomato cultivation
Deepak Kumar* 1 , Avinash Kumar 2 , Sudipto Sarkar 2 , Dibakar Mohodi 3 ,
Pal Thakuria 3 and Jurimoni Das 3
1 Department of Civil Engineering, I.I.T, Delhi-110016, India.
2,3 Department of Agricultural Engineering, Assam University, Silchar-788 011, India.
*Corresponding author:
Paper No. 286
Received: 4 February 2015
Accepted: 10 March 2015
Published:25 March 2015
Tomato is the second most important vegetable crop next to potato. As far as conservation of soil and
water is concerned, drip irrigation offers the most practical and effective alternative to regular surface
irrigation among all the irrigation technique known today in the world. Researchers throughout the
world are kin to obtain the optimal flow rate through drip irrigation for overall development of crop. In
this study, attempt has been made to analysis the growth rate and yield of tomato plant at various flow
rate of drip irrigation, and to determine the effect of fertigation through drip irrigation on growth and
yield of tomato. In this study “Samartha F1 hybrid” variety of tomato seed was selected and cultivated
over the farm size of 6×5 m 2 . The selected farm area was divided into two sections i.e. fertigation section
and non-fertigation section. Three rows having ten plants in each row was transplanted in both sections.
Growth of tomato plants in term of height and canopy was measured and compared with different flow
rates. The average increment in the height of tomato plants at flow rate of 2 L/hr, 4 L/hr and 8 L/hr were
estimated as 68%, 60% and 52% respectively. Yield of tomato in terms of fruits was estimated for three
different flow rates of 2 L/hr, 4 L/hr and 8 L/hr. The yield of tomato is optimal when drip irrigation with
2 litres per second has been used for irrigating the farm land. Significant effect of fertigation through
drip irrigation has been found on growth and yield of tomato plants.
  • Optimal flow rate of drip irrigation has been determined for tomato cultivation
  • ‘Samartha F1 hybrid’ tomato variety has been used for experimentation
  • Effect of Fertigation through drip irrigation has also been studied.
  • Optimal flow rate of 2 litres per second through drip irrigation maximizes the profit.
  • Keywords: Drip irrigation, tomato, fertigation, flow rate, Samartha F1 variety
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    to increase in water shortages all over the world.
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