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International Journal of Agriculture, Environment and Biotechnology
Citation: IJAEB: 8(1): 153-161 March 2015
DOI Number: 10.5958/2230-732X.2015.00020.0
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Exploitation of heterosis and combining ability for earliness
and vegetative traits in ridge gourd [luffa acutangula (roxb.)
Mangaldeep Sarkar* 1 , Dinesh Kumar Singh 1 , Mani Lohani 1 , Abhijit Kumar Das 2
and Sankalpa Ojha 3
1 Department of Vegetable Science, College of Agriculture, Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology
(G.B.P.U.A.&T.), Pantnagar, Uttarakhand-263145, India.
2 Division of Genetics, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi-110012, India.
3 Department of Agril. Statistics, N M College of Agriculture, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari-396450, Gujarat, India.
Corresponding author:
Paper No. 304
Received: 16 December 2014
Accepted: 5 March 2015
Published: 25 March 2015
Eight parental lines and 28 F 1 hybrids of ridge gourd obtained from half-diallel were studied to
investigate the extent of combining ability and heterosis for earliness and vegetative characters.
Appreciable heterosis in desirable direction was found over better parent and check parent for the
characters viz . days to first female flower, node number to first female flower, vine length (m), number
of primary branches and days taken to I st fruit harvesting. Crosses PCPGR 7256 X PRG 142, PRG 117
X PRG 142, PRG 117 X PRG 131, PRG 117 X PRG 132 and PRG 117 X PRG 120 were found promising
for earliness. Crosses PCPGR 7256 X PRG 117, PCPGR 7256 X PRG 131 and PRG 132 X PRG 120 were
recorded promising for vegetative traits. Regarding general combining ability the parents PRG 117 and
PRG 142 found best for earliness and for vegetative growth PRG 131 stood in top. The crosses PRG 131
X PRG 132 and PCPGR 7256 X PRG 142 showed highest specific combining ability for earliness and both
the crosses PCPGR 7256 X PRG 117 and PRG 132 X PRG 120 found best for different vegetative traits.
  • Both additive and non additive gene action have been recorded for different quantitative traits.
  • Crosses PCPGR 7256 X PRG 142, PRG 117 X PRG 142, PRG 117 X PRG 131, PRG 117 X PRG 132 and
  • PRG 117 X PRG 120 could commercially be released as early hybrids.
    Keywords: Ridge gourd, heterosis, combining ability, earliness, vegetative growth
    Ridge gourd [Luffa acutangula (Roxb.) L.], 2n=2x=26,
    gourd or angled loofah or vegetable gourd. The
    is one of the important cucurbitaceous vegetable
    fruits are eaten as vegetable. This vegetable is low
    crops. It is generally monoecious in nature but
    in saturated fat and cholesterol, high in dietary
    hermaphrodite, andrmonoecious, trimopnoecious
    fibre, vitamin C, riboflavin, Zn, thiamin, Fe, Mg
    and gynoecious flowering behaviour has also been
    and Mn. The nutritional value makes it suitable
    reported (Swarup 2006). It is a popular vegetable
    for maintaining optimum health, weight loss.
    both as spring-summer and rainy season crop
    It has excellent cooling properties and used for
    known as ribbed gourd or angled gourd or silky
    fibre extraction. It is easily digestible vegetable. It