An Overview on the Biological Production of Vinegar
Ostman et al. (2005) studied that vinegar could be used to bear on wounds,
ulcers, arthritis, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, urinary tract and yeast
infections, sun burn, insect bites, warts and hiccups.
De Ory et al. (2002) reported that vinegar could be used as a medicine,
corrosive agent, pickling agent and could be directly consumed in diluted
form as a beverage. In food industry the use of vinegar as an acidulent
possessed many food processing applications including salad dressings,
mayonnaise, mustrard, ketchup, bread and bakery products, canned
foods, marinades, etc. They also reported that vinegar provides an aid in
dieting by creating a feeling of fullness that resulted in less food intake.
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