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IJASE - Volume 11 - Issue 1

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Title: Enhanced Environmental Systems using advanced Data Analytics
Abstract :
Environment is one of the emerging and alarming concern and this is the merger of Environment as well as allied subjects, and here the subject is Informatics. Environmental Informatics is a major emerging discipline dedicated in Environmental Management and monitoring using different tools, techniques and sub-technologies of IT, Computing, Computer Science or allied branches. There are various technologies in IT and out of which few are very emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing (Big Data Analytics),
Title: Artificial Intelligence and Smart Society: Educational Applications, Emergences and Issues – A Scientific Review
Abstract :
Artificial Intelligence is one of the alarming and important term and concept these days, and dedicated in advancing general Information Technology operations, it is dedicated to developing intelligence in the systems and the same can be applicable in various products and services. Artificial Intelligence in short called as AI and basically performed by various kind of machines and systems, in general using AI machine act like humans and also able to mimic their actions; further, it is able to learning and problem-solving affairs. As far as core types are concerned Weak Artificial Intelligence is needed in designing of the system for a particular job whereas Strong Artificial Intelligence is able to perform duties like humans and able in more complex and complicated system development. Thus Strong AI complex and complicated and basically solve the problem without having a person. Machine Learning is important sub set of Artificial Intelligence and also depends on various statistical techniques and other parts of computation, decision making, etc. AI and allied technologies such as Robotics, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, etc., are important subcomponents and fields helps in educational development and process. Today face-to-face education i.e. traditional education including online education highly depends on AI and Allied Technologies.
Title: Identifying the Frameworks and Design Standards of the Sports City Model based on the Grounded Theory
Abstract :
Urbanization and urban design develop with the growth of population simultaneously. Urban planning requires the specialists’ attention in different fields by necessity, resulting in moving such planning towards creativity. The present study aims to identify the frameworks and standards related to the design of the sports city in an applied form based on the grounded theory. To this aim, a qualitative approach was adopted. The population included 18 experts in the field of urban planning and architecture, as well as sports management who were selected purposefully through semi-structured interviews. Coding was conducted in three stages of open, central, and selective. Validity and reliability of the data were confirmed by three participants and repeating the coding by two experts, respectively. Based on the results, the frameworks and standards of the sports city include city parks, sports venues, characteristics, physical structure, placement of sports venues and spaces, accessibility, livability, pride and brand of national honors, development, and existence of sports medicine centers. The results reflected the common opinions of exports in the field of sports management, as well as urban architecture and planning, indicating that the above-mentioned categories are among the identified frameworks and standards, as well as essentials of sports city.
Title: Traditional Medicine of Japan - Overview of Judo Therapy
Abstract :
This study is an excerpt and summary of a doctoral dissertation submitted to the doctoral program at Azteca University international program. This study examines the origin and history of Judo therapy, which is a Traditional Medicine of Japan, and compares it with qualifications similar to Judo therapy in Chiropractic, Osteopathic, and Naprapathy in the United States, and questions its effectiveness and significance. In addition, Traditional Medicine that exists in the world, such as Judo therapy, basically does not require many medical resources, and it can be said that it is an identity rooted in the country or region. As CAM (alternative medicine) is rapidly gaining traction in the business world, reviewing Traditional Medicine and applying it to the present will lead to a reduction in healthcare costs, which is currently a global problem, and to improve the quality of care in countries with few medical resources and fewer doctors.
Title: Impact of Student Teacher Time on Student Engagement
Abstract :
There is so much innovation in pedagogy around us - but what is often overlooked is one major key element i.e. student’s engagement. Lack of motivation where students often struggle with staying motivated and engaged in their studies. This coupled with the distractions of today’s digital age, students are constantly bombarded with distractions from their phones, social media, and other technologies. This can make it difficult for them to focus on their studies and stay engaged in the classroom. What if there is a tool / model that engages students to be motivated and take ownership of their learning. This research is about one such tool/method i.e. STT - Student teacher time. This of course is part of the bigger area of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) which has gained considerable attention in recent years as a key aspect of a well-rounded education.
Title: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Sustainability: A Case Study of SLN Coffee Pvt. Ltd.
Abstract :
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is emerging as a new field in management research. In India, many firms have taken the initiatives of CSR practices which have met with varying needs of society. The present study has made an attempt to understand the status and progress and initiatives made by large firms in India in the context of CSR policy framing and implementation. Corporate Sustainability responsibilities under the Indian Companies Act of 2013 must be followed. In a competitive economic environment. Currently, businesses must balance their financial and economic goals, maximize shareholder value, deliver social benefits to society and contribute to environmental protection. To examine an example of how the SLN coffee industry tends to communicate CSR and which aspects they tend to focus on. It shows how companies through different strategies tend to inform and involve their stakeholders. Examine the development of CSR activities that are carried on in SLN Coffee Pvt. Ltd. Co. and the factors that contributed to this growth into a brand. These findings provide a conceptual framework for CSR operations and an assessment of how SLN Coffee Pvt. Ltd. Co. fulfills its commitments to all stakeholders, including particular activities, programmes, and projects. The study focuses on the company’s CSR implementation in order to determine the business’s focal area.
Title: Visualizing Cognitive Load Dynamics: A Theory on Interplay of Cognitive Factors in Second Language Acquisition
Abstract :
This research paper explores the impact of cognitive load on second language acquisition, focusing on the differences between traditional grammar-focused teaching methods and a Cognitive Load Reduction Curriculum (CLRC) approach. In our study, we have chosen to include logical equations as a means to clearly demonstrate the complex interplay between various cognitive factors in SLA. The primary goal of this inclusion is to offer a visual representation of the different relationships between the attributes and factors involved in language acquisition, with a particular focus on cognitive load. By providing equations and their according graphs, we aim to make our assumptions transparent and comprehensible, allowing readers to better grasp our reasoning behind the relationships we propose. Those are based upon findings from existing research and equally our experiences in numerous controlled settings, ultimately leading to according derivations. Our findings suggest that CLRC is more effective in managing cognitive load, resulting in increased student confidence and improved language learning outcomes. Furthermore, we discuss the practical implications of our findings for educational facilities and offer some suggestions for future research.
Title: Program Components of Proyash for the Education and Inclusion of the Children with Special Needs: An evaluation of the academic and support service structure
Abstract :
This research is an endeavor to evaluate the academic and support service structure of Proyash, as an effective educational institution for children with disabilities through the lenses of parents, educators, therapist and patrons. This research will evaluate the programs and program components of Proyash through literature review in context of national and international policies, guidelines, declarations and frameworks as well as the comparative analysis with the national and international special education institutes. More related literature will be studied for the comparison with contemporary special education institutes of Bangladesh and recent trend in international arena. Finally, the strength and limitations will be projected using the questionnaire survey. This evaluation will help to identify the concrete structure of Proyash and also the loopholes, with which the further amendment can be done.