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TI - Volume 6 - Issue 3

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Title: Schistosomus Reflexus in a Goat – A Case Report
Abstract :

A rare case of dystocia due to schistosomus reflexus in a goat and its successful management.

Title: Atypical Schistosoma Reflexus with Multiple Congenital Abnormalities in Hariana Cow
Abstract :

The present manuscript reports an unusual case of schistosomus reflexus in a Hariana cow. The clinical findings include free floating viscera, mandibular prognathism, unilateral Amelia, mild hydrocephalus but lacking the typical ventral curvature of spine.

Title: Effect of Serum Progesterone Levels at Estrus on Conception in Graded Murrah Buffaloes under Field Conditions
Abstract :

The present study was taken up to access the effect of serum progesterone at estrus on conception in Graded Murrah buffaloes under field conditions for which 70 parous buffaloes maintained under village system of rearing, free from apparent pathological abnormalities of the reproductive tract presented in the first postpartum AI were utilized. Serum samples were collected on day 0 and 10 for estimation of progesterone by RIA. The animals were re-examined using ultrasound on day 10 following insemination for determining the CL size and day 30 for pregnancy diagnosis which is confirmed per rectally by day 60 post AI. The mean values of serum progesterone at AI and on day 10 post AI were calculated and the relation was analyzed. Serum progesterone concentration at the time of AI and pregnancy status was negatively correlated indicating that when progesterone level drops < 0.3 ng/ml (basal level) at the time of AI, the chances of the animal becoming pregnant were more.

Title: Effect of estrus synchronization by progesterone sponge along with PMSG on estrus response and fertility in Nellore Jodipi ewe lambs
Abstract :

The present study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of synchronization by intra vaginal sponges containing 350 mg of progesterone for 12 days along with either 200 (Group I) or 300 (Group II) IU of PMSG at the time of sponge removal on estrus response and fertility in Nellore Jodipi ewe lambs. The percentage of exhibition of estrus, time of onset of estrus, duration of estrus and intensity of estrus were 80 and 85; 32.00±2.14 and 30.65±1.75 h; 23.19±1.50 and 23.59±1.28 h and 7.38±0.33 and 7.47±0.40 in Group I and II, respectively. All ewe lambs irrespective of estrus symptoms exhibition were inseminated twice intra cervically with fresh diluted semen at 48 and 54 h after sponge removal. The fertility rate based on 25 d non return rate was 75 and 80 % with an overall lambing rate of 50 and 65 % in Group I and II, respectively but the difference between the groups was not significant (P≥0.05).