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Title: De-Constructing the term “Tribe/Tribal” in India: A Post-Colonial Reading
Abstract :
The British colonial administrator-ethnographers in India were pioneers who surveyed and carried out expeditions on tribes but often their methods were doubtful. Their survey reports and papers became the source of precious information about such province and at the same time a tool for their continuous development of colonial administration. However, by using official machinery and tour for collecting data they bypassed the ethical consideration of research. Their writings in many ways ended up contorting tribes as being synonymous with being backward, uncivilized and barbarous. This study critically analyzes the notion of tribes in India as perceived and studied by anthropologists. It also interrogates the Ontology and Epistemic premises of their Knowledge Production on tribes in India. The paper concludes by discussing the various issues on tribal discourse in India.
Title: Agrarian Crisis India: An Aftermath of the New Economic Reforms
Abstract :
The National Crime Records Bureau of India reported in its 2012 annual report that 135,445 people committed suicide in India, of which 13,754 were farmers (11.2%). Of these, 5 out of 29 states accounted for 10,486 farmer’s suicides (76%) – Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala. In 2011, a total of 135,585 people committed suicide, of which 14,207 were farmers. In 2010, 15,963 farmers in India committed suicide, while total suicides were 134,599. In 2012, the state of Maharashtra, with 3,786 farmers’ suicides, accounted for about a quarter of the all India’s farmer suicides total (13,754). From 1995 to 2013, a total of
296,438 Indian farmers committed suicide. During the same period, about 9.5 million people died per year in India from other causes including malnutrition, diseases and suicides that were non-farming related, or about 171 million deaths from 1995 to 2013.
Title: Lacan and Post-Structuralism
Abstract :
Lacan’s centre of attention was principally on Freud’s work on deep structures and infant sexuality, and how the human subject develops into an ‘other’ through unconscious repression and stemming from the Mirror phase. The conscious ego and unconscious desire are thus thoroughly divided. Lacan believed this perpetual and unconscious fragmentation of the self as Freud’s core discovery. According to Lacan, no signifying word can be uttered that does not have overlapping signification with other words. The signified slides under the signifier following the basic rules of post-structuralism. The paper deals with several aspects of social phenomenon and psychoanalysis as a theory of how the human subject is created through social interaction.
Title: Jordanian Women and Political Participation
Abstract :
The study aimed at identifying the evolution of political participation of Jordanian women by monitoring their effective participation during the past decades in the State’s legislative and executive authorities. It also aimed at tracing milestones taken towards women’s quota law and motives that urge women to run for elections and factors that affect their winning.
Title: Status of Women Workforce in Corporate Sector with Reference to Gender Inequality in Work place and the Provision of Companies Act, 2013
Abstract :
Gender inequality, which is sometimes called sex discrimination, means receiving unequal treatment based solely on gender. Women are most commonly the subject of gender inequality in the workplace. The contribution of women in corporate sector is essential for the success and prosperity of nations across the world. In spite of many odds women across the glove continued to make incredible progress. However the role of women in economic value creation has not been recognized universally rather they are playing a supportive role in economic value creation. According to NASSCAM, the ratio of men and women in Information Technology
and Information Technology Enabled Services sector is 65:35 by the year 2010. The Watson Wyatt study says that the younger generation of women in India is expected to achieve educational parity with men by 2016. So corporate recruiters, are also enthusiastic to hire women for successful management practices and adopted a new provision for women representation on Board in Companies Act 2013. The present paper focuses on the status of women workforce in corporate sector by emphasizing on gender inequality and income disparity. Since the development and empowerment of women is imperative for the inclusive growth of the nation. The study also emphasized on the contribution made by the New Companies Act 2013 for empowerment of women.
Title: Ferdinand De Saussure and the Development of Structuralism
Abstract :
Structuralism in literary criticism is, to some extent, a response to modern literature, which had intentionally investigated the limits of meaning and looked for stylistic effects in the deviations from all types of conventions of language, literature, and social practices in the process of ‘defamiliarisation’. In its focus on codes and structures, structuralism rejects the notion of literature as simulation of the world and, as an alternative, analyses its experimentation with the language and codes of a culture. Literature for structuralist critics is appreciated for its analysis of the structuring procedures by which we organize and realize the conventional nature of our social world.
Title: Illegal Small Scale Mining (Galamsay) Awareness and Impact on Cocoa Production: A Case Study in Atiwa District of Ghana
Abstract :
The mining sector is a very important segment of the extractive sector but has one of the most serious and disastrous environmental consequences conflicting with the livelihood (cocoa farming) and survival of resident communities. The study was conducted in the Atiwa district to assess farmer’s awareness of galamsay, its impact on cocoa production and livelihoods in the mining communities and on the youth as well. Snowball sampling techniques was used. Data collected was analysed with the Statistical Package for Social Scientist (SPSS) software. Descriptive statistics tools were used for the data analysis and results presented in frequencies, percentages and graphs. The study revealed that farmers in the communities face several challenges from mining activities such as water pollution from excessive use of chemicals, air pollution and land degradation from indiscriminate heavy use of machines. Farmers have also observed early dropping of immature pods, wilting, yellowing of leaves and low yield on cocoa farms closer to mined areas. Majority of the farmers opined that their engagement in the galamsey activities is as a result of unemployment; desire to get quick money and the fact that cocoa farming is seen as a job or business that does not pay well. The study advocates for a lot of adverts on Television and radio to create awareness on the dangers that galamsey poses to the cocoa sector
which is the mainstay of the economy and aggressive land reclamation campaign through the public private partnership (PPP) extension system.
Title: Migrant Laborers: A Study of Mental Stress
Abstract :
Health is always considered as wealth. “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity: it is a fundamental human right and … the attainment of the highest possible level of health is a worldwide social goal whose realization requires the action of many other socio- economic and political sectors in addition to the health sector.” All dimensions of socio- economic, political and cultural conditions such as food, water supply, education, housing, employment, reasonable wage and circumstances of creativity etc. play a vital role in maintaining health. This paper highlights the
push factors as the fabricated trap to exploit the migrants physically, socially and mentally for surplus production with cheap labour. The intoxicants are the only medium for the migrants to leave the sufferings behind them for a time being.
Title: Contextualizing Corporate Social Responsibility: A Theoretical Approach
Abstract :
Several safeguards which are aimed at bolstering the objective of ensuring that the agent’s objectives and actions are closely monitored, as well as aligned with firm investors’ desires, encompass and relate to the encouragement of longer term firm economic performance, increasing shareholder voting power, and the implementation of legislative tools and financial reporting standards as means of determining how effectively executives and management are to be compensated. This paper is therefore also aimed at exploring how these safeguards could be applied, particularly within the context of insider trading and the rationale behind several jurisdictions to adopt or not to adopt insider trading regulations. Furthermore, it will seek to provide a better understanding of how corporate governance structures can assist businesses 
Title: A Study of Psychosocial Risk Status and Knowledge of Reproductive Health in Adolescents
Abstract :

The World Health Organization defines an adolescent as a person between ages 10 and 19 years. A dramatic shift in thinking from concrete to abstract gives adolescents a whole new set of mental tools, to analyze situations logically in terms of cause and effect, appreciate hypothetical situations, evaluate alternatives, introspection, decision making and cognitive abilities. Adolescents experience intense physical, psychological changes as they make transition from childhood to adulthood. This period of transition is the most vulnerable time. Adolescents are at risk of developing behavioral problems like school failure and drop outs, substance abuse, delinquency and violence, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, domestic violence, stress and depression and risk-taking behaviour. It is the responsibility of the society to utilize this period constructively through education, counseling, mass media, awareness programmes and address the reproductive health needs of adolescents. The present study analyzes the psychosocial risk status and knowledge of reproductive health in adolescents in Raipur city.