Print ISSN : 0424-2513

Online ISSN : 0976-4666


Economic Affairs: Vol. 65, No. 1, March 2020

Socio-Economic Impact of Protected Cultivation on Tomato Growers of Himachal Pradesh

Kanika Mehta, Rajesh Kumar Thakur and J.S. Guleria

An analysis of Market Arrival and Price Behavior of Potato in India

Sreepriya P. and J.S. Sidhu

Study of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPS) in Meghalaya State of India: Methods for Empirical Analysis

Singyala Chiphang, Ram Singh and S.M. Feroze

A Comparative Analysis of Rural-Urban Migrants and Non-Migrants in the Selected Region of Tamil Nadu, India

Revathy, N., Thilagavathi, M. and Surendran, A.

Bio-inoculants as Prospective Inputs for Achieving Sustainability: Indian Story

Chinmay Gupta, Mahesh Kumar Yadav, Vishram Meena, Ambuj Singh, H.B. Singh, B.K. Sarma, S.P. Singh and Amitava Rakshit

Price Behaviour and Forecasting of Onion Prices in Kurnool Market, Andhra Pradesh State

Mulla Areef, Seelam Rajeswari, Nalamaru Vani and G. Mohan Naidu

Analysis of Yield and Technological Gaps of Potato Production in Bihar

Dhiraj K. Singh, N.K. Pandey, P. Kharumnuid and Raj Kumar Singh

Types and Scales of Enterprises Being Run by the Women Entrepreneurs of Self-help Groups in Andhra Pradesh

Siddeswari, G.K., Sathya Gopal, P.V., Sailaja, V. and Ravindra Reddy, B.

Economic Analysis of Impact Assessment of Production Technology of Paddy Cultivation in Nasik Region of Maharashtra in India

Shekhar D Khade and T.N. Roy

Marketing Analysis of Marigold in Jammu Subtropics of Jammu and Kashmir

Manpreet Kaur, Anil Bhat, S.P. Singh, Rakesh Sharma and Lalit M Gupta

A Financial Viability and Relative Profitability of Mango Orcharding in Lucknow District of Uttar Pradesh

Shyam Prakash Singh and A.K. Nandi

Performance of Palm Industry in Karnataka: A Case Study in Tumkur District

M.G. Kerutagi, Pavithra, A.S. and S.G. Gollagi

Analysis of Energy Input Use Efficiency in Punjab Agriculture

Hardeep Kumar, Arjinder Kaur and Preet Kamal Singh Bhangu

Price Analysis and Forecasting of Basmati Rice Crop in Karnal District of Haryana

Veer Sain, Raj Kumar and K.K. Kundu

Resource Use Efficiency and Constraint Analysis of Summer Mungbean Cultivation in Rice-Wheat Cropping System

D.K. Bishnoi, D.P. Malik, Neeraj Pawar, Nirmal Kumar and Sumit

Inter-Linkage between Credit Source and Marketing Pattern of Farm Produce

Lovepreet Singh and Arjinder Kaur