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TL - Volume 4 - Number 2

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Title: A Study to Reveal the Teachers’ Perspective about the Classroom Processes and Provisions related to Children with Dyslexia
Abstract :

The study was conducted with the objective of finding out the classroom process and provisions related to children with dyslexia from teachers’ perspective. This study was conducted at schools of Delhi region. Significance of the findings in relation to the wider inclusive educational ideology is discussed and suggestions are made by the investigator on the basis of the findings of the study.

Title: Use of ICT in Teaching, Learning and Governance in Colleges
Abstract :

Education plays a very vital and strategic role in the society. It is related not only to the development of the individual and the acquisition of knowledge but also to character formation. Higher education mostly concentrate on imparting information but with the present infrastructure, class size, availability of teachers, training of teachers etc. it is difficult to achieve up to date information. ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is increasingly becoming crucial part of the education systems and its Governance. Application of ICT has brought about markedly drastic technological, Social and economical changes. These Changes have caused educational institution, administrations and teachers to reconsider their roles, teaching and vision for futures. The proper integration of ICT with teaching-learning environment and governance increases quality of education and incensement in productivity. The growing use of ICT has changed strategies employed by both teachers and students in teaching learning processes. ICT is playing an important role in bringing about qualitative change in every aspect of human life in general and that of governance of education in particular.

Title: Curricular and Co-Curricular Dimensions of Environmental Education
Abstract :

The planet Earth is the abode of man, an intelligent creature of nature. It also houses other living beings. Man influences and is influenced by all these living & non-living creations of nature. The totality of all such subjects is usually referred to as his environment. As civilization progressed and science advanced, man started creating his own artificial environment. The consequence of this was the emergence of several serious problems for natural environment. Therefore, there was a need to create awareness in our students. A need was felt for an ‘Education about Environment’, which should form an integral part of curriculum at all levels of schooling. In recent years, Environmental Education has become a necessity for existence of human life. Various educational organizations (UGC, NCERT etc.) are engaged in making provision for the imparting of this education at various educational stages. The present paper attempts to highlight the major curricular and co-curricular dimensions of Environmental Education. It emphasizes the need to make the curriculum transaction more activity oriented, locale specific, problems and issues oriented. The paper explains the various pedagogical approaches, which can be followed for effective teaching-learning of environmental issues. The paper attempts to relate some of the well-known teaching methodologies & techniques with the teaching of environmental education. It is evident that both the curricular & co-curricular activities play major role in imparting quality education. Therefore, the paper presents the importance of some of the co-curricular activities like environmental games, songs, activities, competitions in making environmental education more interesting, effective, and active.