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Ved - Volume 1 - Issue 1

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Title: Contents Vol. 01, No. 01, April 2022
Abstract :
Title: Empowerment of Scheduled Tribes Women Leaders in Panchayat Raj in Nanded District, in Marathwada Region : A Case Study
Abstract :
Mahatma Gandhi rightly stated about India and importance of villages in India because India is a country of villages. The development of rural India is the development of the country. Article 40 of the Indian Constitution provides for the development of rural India by establishing a Panchayat Raj system for decentralization of power. In the last forty years of efforts for decentralization of power. The expected development of rural areas gained momentum, so the Central Government amended the 73rd Constitution in 1993 to ensure regular elections, women and OBCs reservation, importance of Gram Sabha and creation of financial resources. This has increased the participation of the people in the local bodies. The 73rd Amendment has proved to be a milestone in the development of rural areas. The researcher has worked on the same topic with broad area including Nanded and Hingoli district of Marathwada region to UGC under the minor research project. The further study is continued with analytical study through a questionnaire on whether tribal women in Nanded district have been empowered through local self-government bodies in the current work.
Title: Perception of Anaesthesiology Residents about the Effectiveness of Online Learning: An Exploratory Observational Study
Abstract :
Introduction: COVID-19 pandemic has posed the biggest threat to international health in a way that had never been seen before. Due to the risk of viral transmission during in-person training, a shift toward online platforms is imperative in the current pandemic. Therefore, we compared the effectiveness of an online vs traditional method of teaching from post graduate anaesthesiologist’s student’s perspective. Methods: The study consisted of a survey where questions were generated online in Google forms to find out the perceptions of the students towards online learning and were circulated to a total of 151 residents and anaesthesiologists from different hospitals. They were asked to rate the statements using the Likert scales. The questionnaire was divided into three sections, the first section contains participant consent, the second section contains participant demographics, clinical experience and the third section, was sub divided into subsections and contained logically sequenced questions. Results: A significant difference was found in learning objectives and satisfaction scores, skill acquisition, doubts clarification, concept building, interaction with students, teachers in offline vs online groups of medical students (P value <0.00001), except in assessment (p value 0.842). Conclusion: The abrupt transition of the medical educational system from traditional face-to-face teaching to online teaching was an urgent necessity. However, it has imposed a number of challenges that must be overcome in order to prevent the educational process from collapsing. A more holistic approach is required, taking into account the mental impact of COVID-19 on students and improving digital platform technology.
Title: Teaching Peace Education through Joyful Learning Approaches: A Conceptual Analysis
Abstract :

One of the dark sides of the advent of science and technology is it has helped some nations to be emerged as super powers equipped with devastating nuclear weapons; which not only creates fear of war and violence among the people of the world but also destroys peace and harmony of mankind. The best example of the situation is the crisis between Ukraine and Russia. These can be stopped by training our young minds to comprehend the significance of peace and non-violence by incorporating peace education. According to Wikipedia- “Peace education is the process of acquiring the values, the knowledge and developing the attitudes, skills, and behaviors to live in harmony with oneself, with others, and with the natural environment”. To teach different aspects of peace education, i.e. development of human values, acquisition of knowledge of peaceful co-existence in the society, strengthening skills of living together peacefully and modifying behavior to show tolerance to other’s culture, adequate methods and approaches are required. Since the contents of peace education are integrated with the different subjects like language and literature, social sciences, mathematics and sciences, etc. there is no single method to teach peace education, rather it can be taught through combining various methods. Therefore, pedagogy of peace education is broad and which includes various methods and approaches. Out of the numbers of appropriate methods, some of the joyful methods of peace education can be incorporated in teaching learning process to teach peace education successfully and interestingly. An attempt has been made in this paper to give a conceptual analysis of some methods like role playing, drama, literacy activities, games & sports, yoga etc. based upon joyful learning approaches which are best suited to teach peace education at every sphere of education with a number of suggested activities.

Title: The Impact of Innovative Teaching Techniques in English at High-school Level in Mannargudi Block
Abstract :

Education is a dynamic process. It shows the mankind to the right direction. The purpose of the education is the process by which people acquire knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes. Now a day creativity is need for teaching-learning process. So, innovative techniques need for 21st century skills. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the traditional methods of teaching as well as multimedia based teaching. Basically teaching includes the two elements sending and receiving information. In this pandemic situation brought to the teacher to use innovative methods of teaching. Here this paper shows what is the innovative teaching-learning techniques are in practice in Government High school- Velukkudi in Mannargudi block in Thiruvarur district.

Title: Relevance and Implementation of Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana; Special Reference to Maharashtra State
Abstract :

Even today, there are many homes in India where LPG guns are not available. With this problem in mind, the central government has launched the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana. Under this scheme, free cooking gas is provided to all APL, BPL and ration card holders in the country. Under this the government provides free LPG gas connection, one filled cylinder and two burner stoves to the beneficiaries. Also, although the first refill is being provided free of cost to the beneficiaries by the government, it is necessary to check the utility of the distributed gas connection in view of the implementation of this scheme. Ahmednagar ranks first among the districts with the highest gas distribution in Maharashtra. Yavatmal is the second ranks of the district. It is followed by Nanded, Nashik and Beed districts. Also, the city of Mumbai has the highest low gas distribution in Maharashtra, followed by Mumbai Suburbs. This is followed by Thane, Wardha and Sindhudurg districts. Overall, excluding Mumbai city and Mumbai suburbs in 36 districts of Maharashtra, the distribution of gas under Ujwala Yojana appears to be satisfactory in the rest of Maharashtra. While implementing the government scheme for the development of rural areas, it is seen that the government scheme is implemented keeping in view the objective of how you will get the benefit of voting without checking the usefulness of the scheme. The implementation of the first plan is delayed. If we look at the role of people in the context of government schemes in rural areas, it is clear that no scheme is being implemented. Considering the role of the government in implementing the scheme, the government needs to check the usefulness of the scheme as the new scheme is introduced. It is a fact that is always on the rise.

Title: शिक्षा में स्षातकोत्तर (एम.एड.) के शिद्षाश्थि यों कषा क्ेत्र प्रशिक्ण के प्रशत अशििृशत्त कषा अधयय्
Abstract :
हशक्पा की गुणवत्पा पर हशक्क एवं हशक्क प्हशक्कों दोनों कपा सीधपा प्िपाव पड़तपा है। हमपारे देश में अधयपापक हशक्पा के कपायधाक्रम अनेक सतरों पर प्चहलत है। देश िर में शपासकीय एवं हनजी हशक्ण संस्पानों द्पारपा अधयपापक प्हशक्ण कपायधाक्रम संचपाहलत हकए जपा रहे है। अधयपापक हशक्पा के मपाधयम से हशक्कों को इस हेतु तैयपार हकयपा जपा रहपा है हक वे हवद्पालयों को वपासतहवक रूप से हवद्पाह्धायों के हलए सीखने की संस्पा बनपा सके । हशक्कों की गुणवत्पा एवं उनके कपायधा करने के तरीकों में बदलपाव की वपासतहवक हिममेदपारी हशक्ण प्हशक्ण संस्पानों पर है। इसी तपारतमय में प्हशक्ण संस्पानों में अधयपापकों की प्हशक्ुतपा, अभयपास हशक्ण, प्पायोहगक कपायधा त्पा पकूरक शैहक्क हक्रयपाओं पर उहचत धयपान देने हेतु रपाषट्ीय अधयपापक हशक्पा पररषद अहधसकूचनपा 2014 लपागकू की गई। हजसके तहत हशक्क हशक्पा पपाठ् यक्रम (बी.एड. एवं एम.एड.) के अवहध को एक वषधा से बढ़पाकर दो वषधा हकयपा गयपा। हजसमें क्ेत्र प्हशक्ण पर हवशेष बल हदयपा गयपा एवं इसकी अवहध कपा हवसतपार कर अनेक गहतहवहधयों को शपाहमल हकयपा गयपा। प्हशक्ुओं को हवहिनन प्कपार के अनुिव द्पारपा कु शल हशक्क एवं हशक्क प्हशक्क बनपाने कपा प्यपास हकयपा गयपा। क्ेत्र प्हशक्ण के महतव को देखते हुए प्सतुत शोध अधययन हकयपा गयपा। शोध कपा मुखय उद्ेशय हशक्पा में सनपातकोत्र (एम.एड.) के हवद्पाह्धायों कपा क्ेत्र प्हशक्ण के प्हत अहिवृहत् कपा अधययन करनपा ्पा। प्सतुत शोध में हिलपाई नगर के हशक्क प्हशक्ण महपाहवद्पालयों से 60 हशक्पा में सनपातकोत्र (एम.एड.) के चतु्धा सत्र के हवद्पाह्धायों को नयपादशधा के रूप में शपाहमल हकयपा गयपा। क्ेत्र प्हशक्ण के प्हत हवद्पाह्धायों की अहिवृहत् को जपानने हेतु सपाक्पातकपार कपा उपयोग कर प्पाप्त प्दत्ों कपा गुणपातमक हवश्े षण हकयपा गयपा। प्पाप्त प्दत्ों के हवश्ेषण में यह पपायपा गयपा हक अनेक हवद्पाह्धायों कपा मपाननपा है हक क्ेत्र प्हशक्ण कपायधाक्रम उनमें हशक्ण प्हक्रयपा की वपासतहवक समझ हवकहसत करतपा है। यह प्हशक्ण पढ़े गए हसद्पानत एवं प्पायोहगक ज्पान को प्िपावी रूप से समेहकत करतपा है एवं इसके द्पारपा वे अपने हशक्ण कौशल कपा आलोचनपातमक हचंतन करने में सक्म होते है। इस प्कपार प्पाप्त हनषकषषों द्पारपा हम कह सकते है हक हशक्पा में सनपातकोत्र (एम.एड.) के हवद्पाह्धायों के हलए क्ेत्र प्हशक्ण कपायधाक्रम उपयोगी है अतः एन.सी.टी.ई. के द्पारपा इस पपाठ् यक्रम में यह पहल हनहचित ही हशक्क प्हशक्कों की गुणवत्पा केहवकपास में सहपायक हसद् हो रहपा है।
Title: बाल संसद: प्ारम्भ एवं वस्तुससथिस्
Abstract :
शिक्षा यह अपने आप एक वयषापक िबद है इसमें सुरषार की आवशयकतषा नहीं है, हषाँ बदलते पररदृि को देखते हुएँ इसमें बदलषाव की आवशयकतषा है इसकषा सषार यह नहीं है शक शिक्षा कषाएक सतर शनशचित कर शकयषा जषाए बश्क यह है शक प्रतयेक शवद्षार्थी की वयशतिगत प्रशतभषाओं कषा शनमषा्षण करनषा है। शवद्षार्थी को ऐसषा वषातषावरण प्रदषान करनषा चषाशहए जहषाँ वह सवषाभषाशवक रूप से सीख सके । बषाल संसद एक ऐसषा मंच है जहषाँ शवद्षार्थी सवषाभषाशवक रूप से सीख सकते हैं यह शवद्षाशर््षयों को यह अवसर प्रदषान करतषा है शक वह शिक्षा के सैद्षाश्तक पक् के सषार् उसके वयषावहषाररक पक् सरलतषा से समझ सकें । प्रसतुत िोर लेख में शनमन प्रश्ों पर चचषा्ष की गई है बषाल संसद कयषा है? इसकषा आरमभ सव्षप्रर्म कहषाँ हुआ? इसकी आवशयकतषा कयों है? भषारतीय स्दभ्ष बषाल संसद कषा वषासतशवक सवरूप कयषा है? कयषा बषाल संसद के प्रषारमभ एवं उसकी वत्षमषान वसतुशसर्शत में अंतर है? आशद प्रश्ों कषा उत्तर इस िोर लेख में देने कषा प्रयषास शकयषा जषाएगषा।